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One of my English lessons required me to improve my public speaking technique and well, for some reason I thought it would be more beneficial if I used my blog instead.
No, it's not cheating. I'm imagining that I'm speaking to you right now. In the future. Or the past. Or whenever or whoever eventually read this.
In the Applying the Lesson section of my English assignment there is helpful suggestions on what to write about.

For example, an interesting animal, eh. An unusual plant, I'm not that good with plants. A summer project of your own, if I chose this one you would probably stab me for describing last year's boring summer bucket list idea. Long story short, we didn't finish all the items on our list and ended up with some odd-looking tie-dye shirts. And last of all, a hobby. Yes, I think that will do just nicely.

I have many sorts of hobbies. Some that I'm fond of doing only in a certain time of the year, or just when I feel like it. But the hobby I chose to write about is something I do on a daily basis. This hobby or practice, I should say, is part of who I am.

Painting. Drawing. Designing.

Ever since I was very little I was obsessed with pencil and paper. (Markers were pretty spectacular too, just sayin'.) You know those half drawn activities on coloring sheets? 14 years ago you could find me finishing the other half of those drawing pages on a windowsill next to my Ne-Ne (grandmother). If you walk into my room now you can still find those little coloring books lying around.

I believe that we were all placed on this earth for a reason. And it's not out of coincidence, everything happens for a reason. God gives us each blessing or special talents.  Why you may ask would God give us these so-called 'blessings'? So that we may praise Him through them.
I've often asked myself why, or how would an artist give praise? Giving Him credit is one thing. Because if it weren't for Him I would be a nobody. I still am, in a way. But I'm not a robot, I've got a free-will.  A free-will to decide what to choose. How to act. Who to trust. And I think that's the beauty of it all. That we can decide, it's not forced on us. If it were forced it wouldn't be called love. His blessings or talents given to us identify and make us all unique.

Beautiful things make people happy, right? I mean unless you're not that type of person who likes seeing beautiful things.  Seeing someone smile or do a good deed shows small glimpses of what the world could be.

If you think about it our life is a canvas. We all start out with a blank piece of paper. Yeah, it can already have some torn corners or a few impaired places but we're all the same. We get to choose what our picture will be.

That is how I realized another way artists can show His glory.
Multiple times in the Bible it says that no one is good, besides God. That our righteousness only comes from Him. That by His love, we can love others.

So, you can be an artist and not only use paint, or a pencil. When people look at you, what do they see? Do they see a bunch of confusing jagged lines? Do they see a bright scene? Your actions and verbal speech tell and display a lot of who you are.

Let's get back to the subject, hobbies. I honestly haven't been very faithful in drawing regularly. I try to at least doodle every now and then but I've turned my creative view on sculpting hair more than just utensils on a paper. There are so many things you can do with a person's hair. It can change how they appear and present their personalities in such an unspoken way.

Standing out is a very complex thing. There are many artists out there all wanting to be noticed in the world. If you want to stand out amongst them you must be drastic or courageous. Frankly, being noticed isn't that important to me. Expressing what you think is beautiful is an art itself. Whether it be with music, sharing wisdom or cutting someone's mane, it's you who decides to make it unique and fascinating. Plenty of people will criticize you, but just know it's worth it in the end. Making other people happy is wonderful, but the most important honor is receiving a crown. Giving praise to His name is all that matters in the end.
♡ Anna

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