Hair Tutorial/ /Textured Curls

My sister has what all girls want, beautiful, thick locks.
30 minutes from leaving for Sunday School, she asks me, 
"Anna. Could you curl my hair?"
I'm always up for a challenge, so here we are.
Textured Curls for a Sunday morning.
What I used:
And, yes it only took 30 minutes. Fortunately we don't live too far from church. 
The trick is, once you have the piece of hair wrapped around the barrel of the wand, do not leave it on as long. Also, once you've released the lock of hair that's been curled, stretch it to ease some of that structure. Once done with the desired curled pieces, gently brush through with fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Lift sections and spray in dry shampoo. Squirt some sea salt spray into your palms and pinch ends of hair. Finish off with a sweep of hairspray and voila!
♡ Anna

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