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Agnes Grey, Anne Brontë

“Reading is my favourite occupation, when I have leisure for it and books to read.”

Summary: This novel is about Agnes Grey dealing with life in the 19th century. Her mother married a poor parson out of love and lost her ladyship in the role of society. Mr. and Mrs. Grey birthed two daughters; Mary and Agnes.
Growing up they were very poor since Mr. Grey lost his inheritance due to his ill-health. Agnes, determined to support part of the income for the family, becomes a governess.
Her first position with a relative recommendation does not end well. However, her second family, the Murrays, went a bit more steady.
While teaching at Horton Lodge Agnes gets acquainted with a neighbor of the Murrays; Nancy Brown. After obtaining free time from the two, assertive Murray daughters; Rosalie and Matilda. During one of her visits to read for Ms.Brown, she meets the new parson, Mr. Weston.

Thoughts: Amazing.
Agnes Grey is now one of my favorites. The heartbreaking story, the detailed characters, and the satisfying writing skill were faultless. Anne Bröntë’s writing could influence many young people’s behavior towards their outward appearance, but more importantly their heart. That’s why it’s a definite recommendation from me.

Genre: Classic Literature, 19th-Century, Historical Fiction

Appropriate Age: All ages

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