Book Review/ /Eragon, Christopher Paolini

“Books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life.”

Summary: In a land full of Elven and Dwarf history, Kings, Empires, Shades, and Urgals (mystical creatures that tend to stick to the dark side), and dragon riders, there's a young boy who is about to turn into adulthood. But little does he know that his age and more mature responsibilities are not the only things that are going to change in his life.
Eragon discovers a sapphire stone, which turns up to be much more than a shiny rock. The stone hatches one day and Eragon is gifted with an intelligent, ancient being that has been waiting for the right rider for centuries. Eragon, unintentionally, becomes a dragonrider.
The threats from the corrupt Empire insist Eragon of leaving the only home he's ever known and traveling to distant lands across. The characters he and Saphira, the dragon, meet along the way help them train and learn more about what they are and who Eragon has become. His destiny is a startling one to some, but a fascinating tale to all.

Thoughts: This is one amazing book.I have yet to read the rest of The Inheritance Cycle.
Took me a bit to actually get into it, because of the buildup, in the beginning, prolongs itself. But once you get past certain events, the story picks up rapidly.

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, and Young Adult

Appropriate Age: 10+

Use discernment. The magical and fantasy aspects of this book can throw off some. The detailed descriptions of magic and the use of magic were very evident. The protagonist learns the ancient language and uses the certain words, with the inner power he was gifted with from being chosen, to use magic throughout the book.

There's also some battle scenes that describe some slightly graphic battle scenes.

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