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I've come to realize getting older is hard.
So many responsibilities. Lots of peer pressure. Many, many more school books. Getting the additional privilege to run over pedestrians with four tires (JUST KIDDING). Who knew that being able to drive had its limitations and its advantages? Passing the permit test was significantly easy. (Even if I missed a total of 3 questions. Shhh.) Being on the road is terrifying, yet calming somehow. I can't really explain it. Besides the peculiar account of squirrels waiting until they spot me on the road to pass. I almost killed my Dad trying to swerve the first one. It was as if the first day on the road all the forest creatures decided to introduce themselves. I'm not even going, to begin with, the turkey vultures. That was scary. 

Aging has its hysterical moments, but with each passing birthday means a new adventure. New goals and such. As your body starts breaking down, just think, you're growing wiser. Now I'm able to relate with others more.

"The other day some idiot did a stupid U-Turn without giving any signals. I mean what's with that?!"
It was actually a Three-Point-Turn. Oh...
See? It gives opportunities to socialize with other people. (And that wasn't a real-life situation. I would probably poop like a chicken if I even tried to attempt a Three-Point-Turn or U-Turn or whatever.)
Regardless of the ups and downs, enjoy the small things. I know, I'm sure you've heard that a gazillion times before, but it's true. Sometimes we just need a little reminder. Especially as we grow up.

Tips on Recognizing the Small Things:
  • Drink more tea. Something warm in the morning, whether it be tea or coffee, it always helps me start the day out right. Make sure to include reading as well. Just as important.
  • Be more attentive to others around you.
  • Smile. Seeing others smile back lifts the whole day's mood.
  • Try being the optimistic one.
  • Slow down. Take your time. Why rush? Let things come to you for a change.
  • Embrace the changes. When the forecaster calls for rain, go dance in the rain. I dare you.
  • Be risky. Not too risky though. Remember you have a testimony to uphold.
  • Keep track of the many adventures a day brings. (Try keeping a journal or diary. I use an app on my phone. Because sometimes moments happen and by the time I make time later in the evening to jot 'em down it's too late. They're forgotten.)
This wasn't a very substantial post but it'll do for now.
Have a great day to whoever reads this. Remember, it's okay to grow old. We all do it. You can either choose to make it a good experience or a bad one.

♡ Anna

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