Book Review/ /Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen

Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen
"You must know... surely, you must know it was all for you"
Summary: Elizabeth Bennet is the second eldest in the line of 5 sisters. Her audacious mother insists that true happiness isn't complete until all of her daughters are married well enough to make a place in the world, especially her favorite daughter, Jane. Mr. Bennet is none too concerned for his daughters finding able suitors, for he has confidence that they are able to make their own way in life. With Elizabeth's wit and brains, along with Jane's beauty, Lydia and Kitty's entertaining sense of demeanor, and Mary's calm perplex spirit, Mrs. Bennet is sure to snatch a son-in-law worthy of her highest intentions. Which is someone amiable, young, and wealthy.

One day Longbourn, Bennet's estate, gets a very welcomed neighbor. This particular neighbor is young, wealthy, said to be, get ready... single. All of Mrs. Bennet's dreams start to make their appearance.

This new neighbor brought two sisters in attendance with him, along with a good friend, Mr. Darcy. So not only one but two available suitors for the Bennet girls to share.

The story is told through Elizabeth Bennet's clever eye. Through lies and veiled backgrounds, she discovers something dreadful concerning one of her new neighbors. Little does she know the complete truth. Will her prejudice get in the way of her pride, or will someone else confess their true intentions?

Genre: Classic, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance,

Appropriate Age: All ages

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