Book Review/ /The River of Time Series, Lisa T. Bergren

The River of Time Series, Lisa T. Bergren

“We all have freedom of choice. Over and over again, minute by minute. How will you live your life? For yourself? Or for others? For something good? For love? Love.”

Summary: The story is about two daughters who grew up traveling with their archaeologist parents in Tuscany. On one of the archaeology sites, the sisters find themselves exploring forbidden medieval tombs. Somehow they get transported to 1342 Sienna, Italy. Gabi (Gabriella) gets separated from her sister, Lia (Evangelia), then gets pulled apart even more by a raging battle. Castello Forelli and Castello Paratore have been neighboring enemies for a long time. Once the brave and peculiar ladies enter their world, things get a bit twisted.

Thoughts: This series has become my absolute favorite books of all-time (no pun intended).

If you like historical settings, romance, adventure, and chivalry; you are going to want read this next book immediately.

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction and Romance

Appropriate Age: 14+ for the romance and violence.

The following books in the series are:



Bourne & Tributary


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