Book Review/ /The Frontiersman's Daughter, Laura Frantz

The Frontiersman's Daughter, Laura Frantz
"I asked once before, do you always court trouble, Miss Click, or does it just seem tae follow you where’er you go?"

Summary: A story of a girl, born into the wilderness of the Appalachians, who discovers her real destiny.

Lael Click is the daughter of a courageous, and well-known man who isn't afraid of the Shawnee Indian warriors that surround the local fort. As protector and chief of his own home, Mr. Click is known to have very few different trademarks apart from being an Indian. He got captured when Lael was only a little girl. Years later, the awaiting Click family welcomed his return with animosity towards his adopted Indian ways.
Beckoned to a life of refinement, Lael is sent to a lady school in Virginia. There she becomes an educated woman, yet all she longs for is her familiar Kentucky home.

After some dreadful news, she escapes her school and returns to find her childhood home desolate. Her neighbors have grown and the fort is in a disarray without their rightful chief.
Once she returns home she realizes how much has truly changed, including a new immigrant from Boston whom quickly comes to take her spot in the community. Lael was taken under Ma Horn's wing when she was younger. Her knowledge of herbs and remedies cannot contrast to Ian's medical training. As healer and midwife, Lael ends up begrudgingly teaching the newcomer what she knows, while at the same time he teaches her how to heal her internal wounds. Lael knows about God, but she really doesn't know Him as her Lord and Savior. Ian Justice helps shine the light on the hidden sins that have taken control of her thoughts and actions. Eventually the two form an unintentional bond which is both an anc
hor in Lael's dramatic life and also an enticing undiscovered adventure to her.
When the fort livelihood becomes a chaotic mess in the midst of war, and medical attention is needed more than ever, Lael's confused feelings for Ian grow. Will she concede to her own dreams or the life that God has destined for her?

I knew from the first page that this was going to be a beautifully written story. Not only was it beautifully written, the facts and the details that were told in the midst of the books were fascinating. It caused me to pause and consider how beautiful my home truly is. You take for granted the things that become familiar to you.

This book has become, no doubt, a prized possession. The story and the lives of Tempe, Sion, Nate, Russel, James, Lucian, and Smokey have been engraved in my mind forever. Laura Frantz, again, has left me in awe.

Genre: Christian, Historical Fiction, Romance

Appropriate Age: 12+

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