Hair Tutorial/ /Twisted Double Updo

Tried this on my sister and it actually turned out okay. At first, I was a bit afraid she'd look like a distorted Princess Lei in the end, but it turns out she worked it.

I'm going to try to describe how I managed this hairstyle. Perhaps in the future, there will be video tutorials? But this will have to do, for now anyway.

  • Begin with already textured hair. I find it's much easier to work with whenever you choose to do an updo, especially buns. My sister's hair is already naturally curly/wavy so all we did beforehand was add some plump moisturizing mouse.
  • Section off the hair after you find your parting. Leave two parts closer to the front of your face out- you'll use those pieces to twist back into the buns. Divide the hair in the back into two horizontal parts. Create your buns by twisting the gathered hair and capture it with an elastic. Do the same with the other half. To mix it up, I twisted them both in opposite directions, that way they would balance each other up.
  • If you're like me, you don't want perfect, tight, little ballerina buns, so pull and tug the bun until it is the size desired. Pin the pieces that have fallen out.
  • Then start taking small strands of the hair that you left out along the face and twist them back and alternately wrap them around the buns. Once you have pinned all the strands you wish, stand back and observe. Go back and pin the pieces that are sticking out and voila! 

You're finished. I hope you like this 'experimented' hairstyle.

♡ Anna

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