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The new Disney remake of the classic tale, Beauty & the Beast, has caused the cinemas all across the world to be full of viewers. The box office results have surpassed the record boards. People blindly willing to support a cause that has accumulated into something much grander than it ought to.

The depressing news of one of the identities in the film is portrayed to be homosexual. That, and the fact that the corporation which created the film, is proudly flaunting the gay-theme into children's faces, are major factors in my disagreement.

This is a tough subject. However, it is a crucial discussion that needs to be made. There are no gray areas to choose from here. Either you believe it's wrong or you believe it's right.

By the holy, inspired written word of God, it says that same-sex marriage is wrong. I think I'll choose to go by God's standards, rather than the world's.

I did not, nor will I go see the newest film adaption of Beauty and the Beast for that distinct conviction―even though the classic 'old as time' story has been my absolute favorite since childhood. It's heartbreaking to see friends who have neglected their moral standards to go support something that they say is wrong.

This is not a shaming post, however, it may come across that way, I have no right to judge. Sin is a sin in God's eyes. My sin is no less than everyone else's.

My intention for this post is to remind you that you are going to be held accountable, especially for the smallest things in life. Because there are eyes that will compare your moral character to what a Christian should act like. Hold this up into the filter of His word and compare it to His standards before the world's. I find that this is tremendously difficult to do when it feels as if you're all alone. But you're not. Because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

Friends, do not be misguided. My concern is that we have forgotten the Rock, on which our foundation, as Christians, have been built on. We sway and tilt to the world's surface and neglect the holy ground that has been granted freely to us. By accepting what is right in the world's eyes, we have denounced God's desired intention for us.

Some may see this debate as a siding denotation, a controversial favoritism, but never underestimate the enemy. By accepting small accounts of iniquity, we degrade ourselves into slowly increasing by the world's standards, rather than God's. Compromising little by little, until we wake up one day and not even recognize ourselves in the mirror.

Our inner self is filthy; full of greed and selfishness, yet, seemingly okay and acceptable through society's standards. All because we let our guards down when it comes to conviction. Everyone's opinionated and we're all afraid of saying or doing something to offend the other person when in reality we're scared someone is going to do the same to us. Because deep down we don't want to believe we're sinful. We don't want to wrap our minds around the fact, that to God's standards, we are as filthy rags. (Isaiah 64:6)

Instead of embracing the natural beasts within, let others be able to see who you have been turned into. Allow the beauty of God's perfect son to outshine your failures and mistakes. He has made you into a new and beautiful creature. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Be someone worthy of his namesake.

♡ Anna

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