Book Review/ /Katie Weldon Series, Robin Jones Gunn

"Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine-"

(Exodus 19:5)
Summary: Katie Weldon, the fiery, and spunky redheaded best friend of Christy Miller, is abruptly facing many major decisions in her senior year of college. Some that will presumably change her life forever. Working at a pizza parlor and juggling with choosing a college major, yet again, Katie's life has become abundant with stress. When a job opposition opens up for her to be a Resident Assistant inside one of the college dorms for girls, she decides to take the open door and see where it leads her. She meets several new young women who are in the same spot she has found herself in, and the relationships that develop help her answer many of her personal struggles.

Desiring for a change, Katie and Rick Doyle, Christy's previous high school infatuation, are going down the slow lane in their relationship. The two have completely changed since the start. The two born-again believers are maturing together in their personal walks with God. Being around each other frequently causes them to form an attraction, which is evident to everyone around them. However, Katie is tired of not knowing what to call their relationship. Technically not dating, but not labeled as friends, adding on to Katie's burdens as she tries to discover her own true feelings for Rick.

Peculiar Treasure is a phrase that was introduced in the Christy Miller series. The phrase is woven in this first novel of Katie's own story. As the first of the series, Peculiar Treasures covers a multitude of underlying messages that will open your eyes and make you think of what is ultimately best for you, and that is what God wants for you. The phrase refers to Christians, as we are called to be "peculiar" in the unbelievers' eyes, yet we are treasures in our Heavenly Father's eyes.

Genre: Christian Fiction, Young Adult, Romance

Appropriate Age: 12+
One of the things that Katie battles with is the desire for Rick to kiss her. The topic of kissing and purity are one of the main topics in this book. Robin Gunn portrayed the case in a very appropriate way. However, discussions on taking it further and purity is something I would consider discussing before giving an eleven-year-old to read. 

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