Book Review/ /The Centurion's Wife, Janette Oke and Davis Bunn

What if you do discover the truth, and the truth shatters your life? What will you do then?

Summary: Set in the early first century, in a time when History met its ultimate climax, the lives of two people intersect each other in a search for the same answer. 

Alban, a Gaul-born, Roman soldier desires to be acknowledged as one. Because of his homeland and rebellious ancestry, the leaders of Rome are unsure whether or not to put their trust in him. Trying to find ways to be accepted by this new thriving conquest, he seeks a bride of one who has full citizenship. 
Pontius Pilate's niece, Leah, has a backstory complete in tragedy. After losing her home and family, she comes to live and serve at the mercy of her uncle and aunt. Painted by the life of Roman finery, her life did not prepare her to serve as a slave. Her uncle and aunt find a reasonable match for her to escape the life of a bondservant. Even though that's the worst destiny Leah could have chosen for herself; being chained to a man for the rest of her days. However, because her uncle is supreme, she really has no say in the matter.
Fear of revolt within the new followers of Christ causes the empire of Rome to seek out any possible threats of an uprising. The man who's been called a prophet and also a rebel leader has just suffered the worst death in all human existence. However, after three days pass his death, his body goes missing. Which leads Pilate to make specific terms to halt Alban and Leah's betrothal; to search for the man who people are leaving their lives for; the man that was crucified while innocent as a lamb; the man who's grave is now empty. 
They both must find out what happened in the borrowed tomb that held the body of Jesus, and where he is now.

My Thoughts: I really, really enjoyed this book. Not only was it fascinating and spiritually reviving to read, it gave a different perspective of things that I have read in the Bible countless times. At first, this book reminded me a lot of the movie Risen, but with a mixture of romance. (Which was awesome!) 

However, the title of this book should have been different, because Leah was not 'the Centurion's Wife' until the very end. I wish Alban and Leah's stories could have mingled a bit more, but the lack of communication and growth made the finality that much sweeter. It ended on a pleasant though. 

Genre: Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance

Appropriate Age: 12+

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