Book Review/ /Sabrina, Lori Wick

Summary: It's been a long time since Sabrina has ever been taken care for or truly loved by someone. Sabrina, stuck in a life that was practically forced on her, because of desolation and the dire need for income in the highly populated city of Denver, Colorado. A Christian couple come across Sabrina through a tragic accident, but involuntarily saving her life. Sabrina realizes that there is a way out of the night district, it takes her a while to see that Danny and Callie truly mean there's hope and redemption through Jesus Christ, God's only Son. 
However, her previous life causes difficulty being a new creature. Running across men that knew her before, asking to see her and meet with her again. Danny and Callie send her off somewhere that she can have a new life where nobody needs to know her past. 
Sabrina arrives in T-Creek surprising everyone with her bravery and independence. After Cassidy sells her shop to Jeanette, she stays close to her home on the ranch, which leaves Jeanette in need of some help with the shop. Sabrina gets hired to work for the wealthy, and humble, Jeanette, while also working for Jessie, who owns the town store and catelog on the days that the sewing shop isn't open. In the day, Sabrina is a hard worker, but at night she ministers to the shaded areas most people don't witness to. Because she came from that life before, God allows her testimony for Him. 
The young preacher of the town, Rylan Jarvick is known by all. Mainly because he works in the livery on the side. The congregation is small, which leads Rylan recieving his main income from another way. Ever since Sabrina came into town the two keep running into each other. Sabrina's bravery and relentlessness in sharing the gospel inspire and do funy things to the pastor's heart. Trying to understand the feelings he has never felt for another before, Sabrina feels that she isn't worthy enough for a husband at all. Will she ever let go of the past and become the new person God made her to be? Will the truth threaten to destroy her hopes of getting married? How will God's word come across all, if all are not willing to share?

Thoughts: This was my favorite of the Mountain Sky series by Lori Wick. I think it was because in the first book I got to meet Rylan and I remember wanting him to find someone so bad. He was just so lonely and when it became clear to me that he was going to get a possible love interest in this sequel, I was ecstatic. The book was very convicting and opened my eyes about the Bible that I never really thought about before. The romance tended to be a little cheesy at times, but if you can get over a few awkward moments, you'll get a wholesome and clean romance that makes you wish you could be swept up in the late 1800's. 

Genre: Christian, historical fiction, romance

Appropriate Age: 15+

Because the main character was a prostitute, there are several remarks and comments about her life before Christ. It never gets talked about in detail, but it is quite obvious what she done. Sabrina says that she dealt with many men, some would use her badly. Even go as far as abusing her and throwing her outside to sleep on the streets after they were through. These things are hard to talk about, since sex trafficking and prostitution is still happening today, but I thank Mrs. Wick in taking a hardship like this and turning into a motivating and beautiful story about love and forgiveness in God's love. 

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