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I started beauty school a month ago. I woke up two hours before my alarm clock because I was genuinely excited for the upcoming first day of school. I have never been fond of the idea of college. It was never highly encouraged, nor discouraged in my house. So there is no regret of my decision in the choice of schooling, even though there have been several disappointing comments from people around me. I'm supremely thankful for parents that support my passions, whatever they may be. 

Hair is one of the most beautiful features on a person. There are countless ways you can change or arrange your hair. Everyone has a unique individualistic passion and personality which can be displayed with your appearance. Feeling loved and special is one of the major goals I have for every future client. If I could let every person I come into contact with see how beautiful and cherished they are, that would make my career and purpose worthwhile.

A beauty icon in the hairstyling industry, who is also family, sent me this not too long ago:

Becoming a hairstylist was not my first dream job. Most of my childhood I would fantasize being an artist. Having my own studio and painting in a loft somewhere. A couple of years ago, I had the amazing privilege to be apart of a local artist's annual watercolor workshop class. I gained a lot of knowledge and advice for creating pieces on paper. Afterward, I received several commissions and actually finished quite a lot. But after a while, I would start to get extremely anxious and nervous about completing a piece. I still have an unfinished commissioned painting just waiting to be painted. 

Soon after, I took up with nail art, then hair styling. Learning how to braid and curl with hot tools. People would comment and say how great my sister's or my hair would look. Then they started asking hair advice from me, which completely wowed me, because I thought everyone knew how to do the things that I was doing. Watching countless Youtube videos on hair tutorials and nail art ideas, I born a new passion in the industry of cosmetology. I also really liked that the work schedule is very flexible, similar to being an artist. You work your own itinerary and paycheck, so to speak. Being able to enjoy my work and make an income from something I'm passionate about doing is some of my ambitions.  

I also enjoy listening to people. Observing them and learning through personal opinions. Serving others is one of the most privileged things we, as humans can do. It's not a natural instinct, it's a reaction that only comes from the One who became the ultimate servant; Christ. Seeking Him and following after Him will train you to walk in the newness of His Spirit. 

I am excited for the next chapters that lay ahead in my life. Thankful and blessed that I know without a doubt this is who He has called me to be right now. Who knows what is up ahead? I rest in peace because I know who holds the future. 

♡ Anna

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