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So far every day in beauty school has been amazing! Learning new things every day is what I LOVE doing. Let me show you a few of those:
• Proper wash & blowdry
• 2 types of perms (basic & spiral)
• Rollerset (on-base, half-base & off-base)
• Cuts (0°, 180° & 45°)
• Highlighting w/foils 

• Balayage
• Coloring (All over & root touch-up)
• Hair relaxers (Sodium hydroxide)
• Scalp Treatments
• Facial massage

Basic Perm

End result of Basic Perm

End result of Rollerset

Highlights using the weaving technique

Layered haircut (180°) on my sister


All over coloring

Hand-painted Balayage 

End result of Balayage (straightened)

End result of Balayage (curled)

I'm still as excited as I was my first day. Can't wait to see what's next! 

Thanks for reading

Interested in why I chose Beauty School? Check out my blog post about it! 

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