Product Review/ /Mikasa Beauty Brushes + Warm Makeup Look

I've wanted to do a review on these brushes ever since I got them! From the start, I could tell they were made of good quality. Months later and I still think they're fantastic.

The first thing I like to do before my eyeshadow is my brows. Mikasa has the perfect brow brush with two-sides. 
One side is slightly angled so that you can easily fill in your desired brow look.

Mikasa E400

The other side of the brush is a bristle comb that you can tame your wild brow-hair.

Mikasa E400

Tip to fuller brows: Brush up the first half of your brow to add depth and thickness. The second half, after your natural arch, brush down to give a nice angle. 

For eyeshadow, I chose my Urban Decay Naked2 palette for my base colors in this look. 

Shades "Foy + "Half Baked"
Mikasa's Tapered E320 brush is one of my all-time favorites for blending now. 

Mikasa E320
My next shades are from Kylie's Burgandy Palette.

Shades "Almond" + "Dubai"
 Mikasa's dome-shaped brush is the best shader brush I have ever used.
Mikasa E330

Mikasa 10 piece // Complete Eye Set

I didn't use all of the brushes that came in the Mikasa Complete Set, but here are several brushes that are worth mentioning. 

Mikasa E300

Mikasa E240

This is a great brush for adding that first base color!

Mikasa E200
This brush goes in the crease perfectly!

Mikasa E100

I use this brush for eyeliner ALL THE TIME. Love it!

Mikasa E110

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