Book Review/ /Courting Morrow Little, Laura Frantz

"Love beareth all things."
Summary: Tortured by the memories of her past childhood, Morrow chooses a path that she would not have ever dreamt of going down before reuniting with someone possibly more dangerous than the Bluecoat Captains that have invaded her homeland. In the midst of war, loyalties go deeper than skin. 
After losing her mother, little sister, and older brother, who was taken captive, Morrow's father sends her somewhere he believes is safer; Philadelphia. Maturing in the confines of the city, Morrow grieves her family and longs for home. Reluctantly, Morrow's aunt who has been keeping watch care over her while she stays and works for her in the sewing shop, allows her to return to the mountainous lands of Kentucke. Once she returns, she is affronted with the dark mysteries and haunting memories from her past. Will she ever let go of that tragic day when her family was torn apart? Can she ever be willing to forget? 
Before she left for the city, Morrow's Pa, a devout God-fearing preacher of the settlement, saved an Indian boy's life. Ever since taking care of him, his father, the Chief of the Shawnee tribe as honored and protected the Littles. Oftentimes the comfort and peace of the Littles' cabin welcome the Indian Chief and his son, Red Shirt back many times. 
Morrow, grown up and at the age of marriage catches every eye that surrounds her. The beauty of her mother, and the wit and creativity that her father has taught her to give her a meekness and gentleness which makes Morrow all the more charming. However, when she realizes that her Pa is slowly becoming more weaker with age and an illness that is incurable, there is no room for love. Especially with her brother missing and news of War threaten to drive them away. Can Grace make room in her heart for all these epidemics in her life? Will she ever have true love in a place full of dark and dangerous men?

Thoughts: I loved this. Stories that are based on the Revolution and romance capture my utmost attention. Especially when I know the beloved author. This profound novel of love and grace is a high recommendation from me. If you loved other creations from Laura Frantz, you will for sure appreciate this piece. 

Genre: Christian fiction, Romance, and Historical 

Appropriate Age: 14+

There are some dark and gruesome facts about how the Indians capture and torture their captives, along with massacres that threaten the plot with danger. 

Morrow and the man she chooses to wed wait a while before their "honeymoon," which isn't detailed barely any. Which I highly appreciate. Several kisses are shared after their wedding ceremony though, along with certain descriptive longings each one has for the other.  

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