Make a Dream A Reality

Oftentimes, when we think of 'dreams' we think of things that more than likely won't happen. Why do we do that? Why do we belittle our dreams when we start to grow up?

I remember dreaming up my future house. I had every little thing planned out. I knew exactly what my house mat was going to look like. My kitchen was going to be white, along with my cabinets and little counter stools. All of my future ducks were in a row, named and all. My future husband is going to be tall and handsome with green eyes, obviously. I had high standards when I was younger, why am I not as passionate about them now? They're still dreams, right? I still would love to have those things.
Perhaps as we get older we tend to realize that the world is tougher than we thought it was. Even if you lose sight of your dreams for a little while, you can still achieve them.

Never doubt yourself. Invest in yourself and you will go further than you can ever imagine. 
Dreams can change too. We might not want the same name for our kid that we chose when we were 9-years old! You might not want the same dream job you wanted when you were younger, maybe you do. I for sure have changed my mind about becoming an ice-cream truck driver. 
The dream you see yourself being happy and content; never change that one.

I am currently living my dream. Ever since I knew I wanted to go to Beauty School, I imagined myself driving in my car headed towards school, singing in the sun, going to do one of the things I love doing the most (which is playing with hair!). And guess what I do almost every day now?

Before I started, I begged my mom to drive me past the school because I could not wait till my dream began. One day, I desire to have my own salon and possibly a cafe. I've had that dream for years now and I still am very passionate about it. Even though there have been a few snide remarks about my dream never becoming reality. I am still going to chase after it. 



nounoften attributive  \ ˈdrēm \

a strongly desired goal or purpose

Your dream can be anything you desire it to. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about it. Don't let them influence your life in a negative way. You already are your worst critic.

I have a mission for you. I challenge you to pick one dream that you may already have or one that you want to create now. That dream that you just chose, I want you to chase it. Chase it until you think you may not be able to. You can do it. Don't hit the snooze button because it is tough sometimes. Wake up and chase your dream until you have it. Until it is a reality. Because, my dear friend, I believe in you.

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