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Some lovely young ladies and I have decided to create a blog geared towards lost girls in society.

Hollywoodlassie is a website that gives life advice that is based on a Christian foundation, while also doing some fun stuff like interviews, beauty tips, fashion lookbooks, giveaways and Disney posts. 

If you have time go check it out! I'd really appreciate it! 

I currently post every Saturday!

Who is Hollywood Lassie?

Hollywood Lassie isn’t a she. She’s a we.

And we are…

Fan girls. Messy curls. Trend-setters. Go getters.

Floppy buns. Havin’ fun.

Check-list destroyers, and life’s-little-moment’s enjoyers.

We’re trailblazers and stargazers. Jet-set and ready for our best adventure yet.

Dreamers. Writers. Actresses. Musicians.

Our eyes are red from lack of sleep, our our napkins hold scribbles of the next big thing.

We’re idea-girls. Fingers callused from playing guitar, and strong hearts from haters who say we won’t go far.

Our pens bleed with truth. Our microphone isn’t mute. We have a voice, and so do you.

We’re unique. Funky. Off-beat, dancing to tunes from vintage 8-Tracks.

We’re so over airbrushed bodies, and perfect skin. We’re sick of can’t. We’re sick of don’t. We’ll never tolerate won’t. We know where true beauty really lies, and we can see right through their glossy lies.

Together, we’re keeping tabs on Hollywood, making sense of the insanity, examining the craziness, and finding our own truth. And we wanna be friends with UNIQUE-BEAUTIES, just like you.

We’re all about girl power. Guy power. And together power.

We’re not trend followers. We’re trend-setters. Instead of letting Hollywood culture define us, WE’RE DEFINING Hollywood Culture. We know that small changes have global impact, and we’re not giving up until we see social-injustice crack.

We’re travelers. Dreamers. Fearless believers.

We’re scaling mountains and conquering dreams, and inviting you to come along and do the same thing.

Forget the competition, gossip and comparison. You’ve entered a NO nasty-girl-drama-FREE-zone.

We’re Hollywood Lassie, and we’re keepin’ it classy.

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